I'm a local small business owner, a former Springettsbury Township Supervisor, and a lifelong economic development professional. I take pride in all of these things, but at the end of the day I am a proud York resident.


I want York County to be the best version of itself. I want new businesses, a thriving economy, and a standard of living that we can all pass onto the next generation.


For 15 years I have been thinking, learning, and listening; doing my part to make York County a place we all proudly call home. 

But I'm not done yet, not even close...

building our county


We may be a hub of industrial activity, but York County is nothing without its farms. I protect those farms and farmlands by promoting reuse and redevelopment of existing buildings instead of destroying farms and farmlands.


We all know that York County is a great place to live and work, but what are we doing to tell others? I've worked to bring new business and careers to York by promoting our world-class workforce and quality of life to the outside world; telling them the advantages of locating here.


We do not have a grants coordinator, and we are leaving federal, state, and private grant money on the table by simply not applying; something I specialize in. Furthermore, York has a wealthy and generous philanthropic community that is looking for ways to donate funds.


Politicians always talk about lowering your taxes, but the real way to keep your taxes down is improving the value of properties that are vacant, abandoned, or blighted. I've worked to improve these properties, putting them back on the tax rolls at higher values and bringing in more revenue for York. 


York County has a great and amazing collection of small and large businesses operated by local residents. We need to buy local before we look to bring in products or services from companies outside York County. Every dollar we spend in our local community stays in our community and helps businesses  and residents thrive.


County government is made up of many different Boards, Authorities, and Commissions. These entities need to work together for common solutions to solve problems that address our county. We can all work together if we have leaders like myself to show them how. 


tell me. i'll listen.

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